Five year cure, …really?

Don’t let 5 year survival rates blur the real picture of what children with cancer will face in the years ahead after they are considered “cured” by most people. We need to look at the long term survival rate to get the clearest picture.

Four-Square Clobbers Cancer

5yearcure_edited-1Five-year relative survival rates describe the percentage of patients with cancer that are alive five years after their disease is diagnosed. Use of 5-year survival statistics is more useful in aggressive cancers that have a shorter life expectancy following diagnosis (such as lung or pancreatic cancer) and less useful in cases with a long life expectancy such as prostate cancer.

5yearChart_edited-1When a patient achieves that magical 5 year survival mark, everyone celebrates the milestone and they are considered by most people to be “cured.” That is not necessarily accurate. What it means is exactly what it implies: They have survived five years since being diagnosed, nothing more. The average age at diagnosis of cancer is 6 for children and 66 for adults. While the chart at the right shows great progress in five year survival rates in childhood cancer from one period to another, it is only comparing five year…

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