Giving back to those who give

GivingBack_edited-1Active Duty Navy SEAL Seeks Our Help

The 4 year old daughter of an active duty Navy SEAL was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. A Foundation (Boot Campaign) which assists those in the military reached out for assistance to one of the co-founders of Grandparents In Action (GIA), Richard Plotkin, Vice Chairman of The Max Cure Foundation12003913_1003394706357788_8256122361725768182_n.  Max Cure reached out to TNCI for assistance. TNCI is the childhood cancer foundation in which the other co-founder of GIA, Joe Baber, is involved. Due to security reasons, Navy Special Operations Command and the family asked that the identity of the family remain confidential (only Max Cure knows the name of the family and their location). The young girl is identified by her nickname, Lulu. If you wish to assist in reaching the goal of $30,000 by the end of October for the family, we suggest you visit the Max Cure website. Given the donations are to the Max Cure Foundation Roar Beyond Barriers, Special Forces, program, it may be that the donations are tax deductible – even though the only family in that program at this time is Lulu’s family. You will receive a receipt from Max Cure. Through September, the family was provided with funds totaling $5,804.50 – hence, to meet the goal of $30,000 by October 31st, an additional $24,195.50 must be sent to the family. The family’s representative responded to Max Cure that the family is incredibly appreciative of the funds provided which are needed and “amazed” at the outpouring of support. We are the ones who should be thanking one of the country’s true heroes who has risked, and continues to risk, his life for us and for those we love and hold dear. As the Navy SEAL faces his toughest battle yet confronting the cancer afflicting his daughter, we are hopeful that those involved with GIA will join that fight.

Author: Richard Plotkin

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