Words of Appreciation


Late last year, Richard Plotkin, a founder of Grandparents in Action. learned of a Navy Seal whose daughter (aka, Lulu) was diagnosed with cancer. Richard went into action and formed a task force to collect funds to help this family.

Richard formed Max Cure Foundation, a childhood cancer foundation, after the diagnosis of his grandson, Max, at age 4 with cancer (Max is currently 12 years old, a 9 year childhood cancer survivor). Max Cure Foundation initiated a fundraiser for the family of the active duty U.S. Navy SEAL whose 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer in August, 2015. The identity of the family is confidential for security reasons and hence, the email exchange between Richard and the family has been edited to maintain that confidentiality. Richard is one of the founders of GIA.

Dear Richard,

Words cannot express the magnitude your organization has helped our little family. Financially assisting in the purchase of a new car has been such a wonderful blessing, making our daily lives so much better and less stressful. The kids simply love being in a bigger car with a DVD player that is big enough to tote around Gigi and Grandfather from the airport. What a wonderful gift that you made possible.

More importantly, your kindness to strangers and the support of my husband for his years of service to our country is awe inspiring and for that we are grateful. Being at war for 15 years of a man’s life does not come without serious, painful and life changing side effects.

We continue to pray and fight–our little Lulu has been INCREDIBLE these last few weeks.
She struggles greatly with depression and the multitude of trauma that this kind of illness brings with it, but lately she has been putting on weight (with the aid of the Gtube) and having days where she can just be a normal kid! As a parent with a severely sick child, that is special and powerfully uplifting. We cherish every smile, every laugh, every day with this uniquely special child. My husband said today that [Lulu’s] illness “will bring him closer to God.”

Well it’s people like you who bring the glory of God to every day people here on Earth.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With love hope and gratitude,

From: [Lulu’s Mom and Dad]


To: Lulu’s Mom],

Thank you so much for your email above. I truly appreciate your and [Lulu’s Dad’s] personal thanks directed to me, but it was the over 150 donors, those that made direct contributions to Max Cure Foundation and those that supported your family’s fight through the fundraisers at West Point and through Lydia’s running of the Marine Corp. Marathon in DC in support of Lulu that deserve the credit. For me personally and for Max Cure Foundation, it was truly a privilege to join in the battle being fought by Lulu. Please continue to keep us posted on Lulu’s treatment as our prayers continue for your family and especially for Lulu.



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